Pure Ratios 40mg CBD Patch


The Pure Ratios Reservoir Patch line was created to deliver manageable, individualized and accurate dosing and relief over a long-term period of time. Unlike other patches on the market that last only up to 12 hours, Pure Ratios patches keep delivering medicine for up to 96 hours!

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The Pure Ratios CBD topical reservoir patch maximizes delivery of Hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD). The Patch is 2 inches in diameter and is easy to apply anywhere on the body. It adheres best to clean, dry skin. The majority of patients find the best results when applying to areas with minimal hair, so you can put it where you need it most, on your sore knee, shoulder, arm or back. When applying near a joint, please place the patch above or below the flexion area. The patch’s round design is snag proof and stays put until you take it off. The patches are DMSO free, with no solvents, no chemicals – just medicine delivered where it is needed.

The Pure Ratios Reservoir Patch line is revolutionary in that:

  • No adhesive is absorbed into bloodstream, only pure medicine is absorbed.
  • No chemicals added like DMSO (which is illegal in CA).
  • Uses whole plant supercritical CO2 extracted oil to provide all of the goodness of the natural plant.
  • Reservoir Patches provide accurate ratios, and larger quantities of available cannabinoids for delivery.
  • Reservoir Patches provide fast and effective delivery of medicine outside the digestive process providing undiluted absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.
  • Pure Ratios Patches provide a significantly longer period of dosing, typically 3-4 days (up to 96 hours) because of our unique reservoir design.
  • Water resistant adhesive stays put to allow for prolonged adhesion to skin surface, promoting long term delivery.