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Our clinic in Utica Michigan is devoted to medical cannabis patients and can assist you through the process of getting your card. To begin, apply online.

Wednesday: 4p - 6p
Saturday: 2p - 4p

  • $25 deposit for appointment

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How much does it cost?


Clinic Fee - $150*

MMMP Fee - $60

*average. Clinic fees vary slightly.

How long does it take?

The process timeline can vary from patient to patient. The sooner you can complete and submit the required forms and other paperwork, the sooner the physician can be seen to complete the patient certification.

Approval or denial of applications will be within fifteen days upon receipt of completed paperwork. Registry cards shall be issued within five days upon approval.

How do I qualify?

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See What Our Patients in Utica Are Saying

Thank you so much for helping me get my medical records and an appointment so quickly. Your staff was extremely helpful, and the process went much more smoothly than I thought it was going to go. Cannabis is the only thing that is helped me live again and enjoy everything life has to offer. To date, no other medication has helped reduce my nausea and vomiting like cannabis has. Thanks again.

Chronic Vomiting
Birmingham, MI

My restless leg syndrome is generally something that I can deal with fairly well during the day, but at night it;s a different story. I own my own business and work very long hours, so when I’m active, I don’t notice it as much. My trouble begins when I try to go to sleep. My RLS tends to keep me up at night, and so I can’t get a good night sleep. In my mind, quality sleep is the most important part of being healthy and letting your body repair. Once I started using medical marijuana, not only were my muscle spasms reduced, but also I slept so much better. I have had deep sleep with sleeping pills before, but they usually make me feel really groggy in the morning. I was surprised to wake up early and feel very refreshed. After so many years of inadequate sleep, I’m so thankful to have a better solution.

Restless Leg Syndrome
Auburn Hills, MI

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for over 15 years, and it has been quite a long journey. I must say that when my nurse friend recommended I try medical marijuana, I was pretty skeptical. In the past, coworkers and I would joke about people using medical marijuana as just an excuse to get high. It wasn’t until I started doing some actual research that my perception started to change. Even though you know propaganda exists, it’s somewhat alarming to see it still alive and well in today’s age. Luckily, we can still make decisions for ourselves. I’m proud to be from Michigan where we have approved this right and am grateful to benefit from it. Marijuana might not cure your disease, but there is no question in my mind that it can help you overall.

Troy, MI

Good looking out on the medical card. I am grateful to use marijuana within the legal confines of the law. It’s amazing how fast the paranoia goes away when you’re using it legally. I would definitely recommend getting a medical card. Peace!

Chronic Back Pain
Utica, MI

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