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Our clinic specializes in medical marijuana recommendations for patients in Saginaw, Michigan. To get your card, please complete the online application.

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Clinic Fee - $150*

MMMP Fee - $60

*average. Clinic fees vary slightly.

How long does it take?

The process timeline can vary from patient to patient. The sooner you can complete and submit the required forms and other paperwork, the sooner the physician can be seen to complete the patient certification.

Approval or denial of applications will be within fifteen days upon receipt of completed paperwork. Registry cards shall be issued within five days upon approval.

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Unless you have had cancer and undergone chemotherapy you really cannot understand what it is like using medical marijuana to relieve nausea during and after chemotherapy. What a lot of people don’t know is that once you stop taking chemo, the worst symptoms come upon you during the weeks that follow as your body recovers and detoxifies. I was able to use Rick Simpson oil, a concentrated form of marijuana you can eat or cook with as an effective medicine which helped me keep an appetite, reduce nausea, sleep, and feel better mentally on some of my hardest days. Fighting cancer is the most testing thing I have ever done, I CANNOT imagine what it would’ve been like without using medical marijuana. Today I am healthy and my cancer is in remission, I would recommend to anyone who is fighting cancer and having a hard time; give this a try.

Lauren Hejifte
Breast Cancer
Frankenmuth, MI

My father’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and I really was not sure what to do, his doctors said that there was nothing more to do except keep him safe and comfortable. I was worried because I am a single mom with two small children, it was getting harder to care for my father while also making sure that my children were safe. Some days dad was calm and present, other days the agitation was so bad I would leave bruised both physically and mentally, concerned about the man that I loved who was unaware of the results of his actions. I saw a documentary about how medical marijuana oil could help reduce agitation and induce periods of calm behavior in people with Alzheimer’s disease. I took my father to the appointment not really sure what to expect, the doctor explained to me that my dad could use indigestible forms of medical marijuana which would stimulate his appetite and potentially both calm his agitation and slow the decline of the disease. Since my dad got a medical marijuana card; his weight has remained constant, he is more comfortable and less aggressive towards me and the home healthcare nurse.

Kristine L.
Saginaw, MI

The thing that most surprised me about medical marijuana was the fact that I didn’t have to smoke it. I am 83 years old and I’ve never smoked anything, when my daughter told me that I should get my medical marijuana card so that I could keep my vision I said absolutely not. We went back and forth for two years, until I was very close to losing sight in both eyes and depressed because of it. In 2014, my daughter visited Colorado on a business trip and while she was there she visited a legal dispensary and learned about the different types of medical marijuana. When she came home she told me that there were simple ways that I could consume marijuana in lozenges and a liquid form called tincture, at this point I decided that I’d give it a try. I got my medical marijuana card and my daughter found a caregiver who provided tincture for me to use daily, it took about a week to figure out the right dose and now almost a full year later I still have my vision and it has helped a number of my other health conditions as well.

Laura Brenfield
Shields, MI

I saw a story on the news that medical marijuana could potentially help with inflammation and pain, the problem was I had no idea how to get a card. There was a lot of information online about the Michigan medical marijuana program but no one to explain to me how I could register, I contacted Greenway Michigan and they did an excellent job of explaining the process and introducing me to a doctor.

Jamin Ruding
Bridgeport, MI

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