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Our clinic specializes in medical marijuana recommendations for patients in Saginaw, Michigan. To get your card, please complete the online application.

Thursday: 5p - 8p

  • $25 deposit for appointment

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How much does it cost?


Clinic Fee - $150*

MMMP Fee - $60

*average. Clinic fees vary slightly.

How long does it take?

The process timeline can vary from patient to patient. The sooner you can complete and submit the required forms and other paperwork, the sooner the physician can be seen to complete the patient certification.

Approval or denial of applications will be within fifteen days upon receipt of completed paperwork. Registry cards shall be issued within five days upon approval.

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The thing that most surprised me about medical marijuana was the fact that I didn’t have to smoke it. I am 83 years old and I’ve never smoked anything, when my daughter told me that I should get my medical marijuana card so that I could keep my vision I said absolutely not. We went back and forth for two years, until I was very close to losing sight in both eyes and depressed because of it. In 2014, my daughter visited Colorado on a business trip and while she was there she visited a legal dispensary and learned about the different types of medical marijuana. When she came home she told me that there were simple ways that I could consume marijuana in lozenges and a liquid form called tincture, at this point I decided that I’d give it a try. I got my medical marijuana card and my daughter found a caregiver who provided tincture for me to use daily, it took about a week to figure out the right dose and now almost a full year later I still have my vision and it has helped a number of my other health conditions as well.

Laura Brenfield
Shields, MI

My aunt got her medical marijuana card through GreenWay Michigan and told my wife and I about the experience at dinner the following evening. I applied online around 11 PM that night and received a call before 10 am the next day; in less than 15 minutes I had an appointment scheduled for the following Thursday. It was all just as easy as my aunt said it would be and I now have my card and have started growing my medicine.

Caesar L.
Carpal Tunnel
Buena Vista, MI

I was in a motorcycle accident in early spring 2012 which broke most of the bones in my lower body and did extensive soft-tissue and muscle damage. Before the accident I smoked marijuana from time to time and knew that it was great for de-stressing and relieving pain. After I got out of the hospital I was depressed because of the nearly 70 pounds I had gained since the accident and the way that all of the prescription medication made me feel. I had some marijuana at my house and one day I decided to use it for the first time in nearly a year, I could not believe how much better I felt that day and the few days afterwards until I ran out. I called a friend who had helped me out in the past and was not able to contact him, this made me even more upset because I knew something that worked well for me and I had no way to get it. I decided to set up an appointment to get my medical marijuana card so that I would have access to medicine without needing to rely on anyone. Now over 3 years later, I’ve lost the weight that I gained and I’m back riding my bike. My new hobby is now growing medical marijuana for myself, my father-in-law, and several other patients who were in a position like I was after the wreck; in need and without anyone to help them. I can definitely say that getting my medical marijuana card changed my life.

James Cardinol
Severe Pain
Freeland, MI

I saw a story on the news that medical marijuana could potentially help with inflammation and pain, the problem was I had no idea how to get a card. There was a lot of information online about the Michigan medical marijuana program but no one to explain to me how I could register, I contacted Greenway Michigan and they did an excellent job of explaining the process and introducing me to a doctor.

Jamin Ruding
Bridgeport, MI

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