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Our clinic specializes in medical marijuana recommendations for patients in Flint, Michigan. To get your card, please complete the online application.

Monday: 6:30p - 9p

  • $25 deposit for appointment

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How much does it cost?


Clinic Fee - $150*

MMMP Fee - $60

*average. Clinic fees vary slightly.

How long does it take?

The process timeline can vary from patient to patient. The sooner you can complete and submit the required forms and other paperwork, the sooner the physician can be seen to complete the patient certification.

Approval or denial of applications will be within fifteen days upon receipt of completed paperwork. Registry cards shall be issued within five days upon approval.

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See What Our Patients in Flint Are Saying

After 35 years of working in a nursing home kitchen on a hard linoleum floor my all of my joints ache and my feet and hands hurt all the time. My daughter suggested I try using medical marijuana, I have used marijuana from time to time over the years with one of my husbands friends, but I never really thought of it as a medicine before. When I went to the office, the doctor told me about marijuana with a greater CBD content which would not get me nearly as “high” as what I had used previously; I was excited about that. I was able to find a caregiver who provides me with CBD marijuana and a topical salve that I apply to my feet and joints which works better than anything else I have ever tried. I would encourage people like me to give this a shot, it really works.

Rose Lynn Forester
Degenerative Joint Disease
Flint, MI

Before I got in the car accident, I never used any sort of pain management medicine. I was proud that I could handle on my own. After the wreck, I got addicted to opiates, I felt like they were making me sick and stealing away my life. The best part about using medical marijuana is that it has allowed me to sleep deeply; before I could hardly get more than two hours of rest at a time and that made me irritable and cranky. Even spending time with my family which was the the center of my life and greatest joy became difficult, I would snap at my daughter or granddaughter and then feel awful about it. This made me want to spend more time alone, which again made me feel even worse. I’m so thankful that my son-in-law convinced me to look into trying medical marijuana, it reduced my withdrawals from the opiates when I quit and allows me manage my pain at a level I can tolerate.

Ross Muncy
Chronic Pain
Flint, MI

I have thought about getting my medical marijuana card since the first year it was available. I asked my primary care doctor if he would consider helping me apply for the program the same year, he made me feel uncomfortable about it and said no. I found Greenway Michigan and was scheduled to meet with a doctor who respected me and my choices, I wish I would’ve started sooner but I’m glad I finally got my card.

Jamie Price
Flushing, MI

I got my medical marijuana card in 2013 with another clinic that charged $300 to meet with the doctor. I have self medicated with marijuana for the better part of three decades and really just needed to renew my card. GreenWay Michigans website made it easy to connect to a new doctor, they were able to schedule me an appointment after work in Beecher and I was able to renew my card within a week.

Robert Long
Swartz Creek, MI

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