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Our clinic specializes in medical marijuana recommendations for patients in Eastpointe, Michigan. To get your card, please complete the online application.

Monday-Friday: 5:30p - 8p
Saturday-Sunday: 2p - 4:30p

  • Grow classes for patients and caregivers that are new to growing and want to learn everything about growing and having a successful harvest
  • Provides top-shelf clones so you can grow at home
  • $25 deposit for appointment

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How much does it cost?


Clinic Fee - $150*

MMMP Fee - $60

*average. Clinic fees vary slightly.

How long does it take?

The process timeline can vary from patient to patient. The sooner you can complete and submit the required forms and other paperwork, the sooner the physician can be seen to complete the patient certification.

Approval or denial of applications will be within fifteen days upon receipt of completed paperwork. Registry cards shall be issued within five days upon approval.

How do I qualify?

MMMP Says:

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See What Our Patients in Eastpointe Are Saying

Thank you so much for all your assistance throughout the process. The physician was professional and knowledgeable about cannabis. I was very surprised to learn that there are other ways to use it besides smoking it. I had no idea there were capsules, tinctures, vaporizers and all sorts of other products. I am really looking forward to having a consistent source of CBD to help with my epilepsy.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

I honestly feel really stupid for not getting my medical marijuana card sooner. For many years I used illegally and have even gotten in trouble a couple of times. I always thought that getting a medical marijuana card was a ton of work and that I wouldn’t qualify, but I was wrong. Now that I can go to dispensaries and get marijuana whenever I want, life is less stressful. There are certain times with my PTSD that I absolutely need to medicate and now I can do it with ease. Thank God.

Eastpointe, MI

My back pain has been something that I’ve dealt with for many years, but I’ve never had a good handle on it. I have been prescribed many types of muscle relaxers and pain medication, but often the side effects are worse than the pain itself. Addiction also runs in my family, so I am nervous about taking heavy-duty pain medication. I have seen more people’s lives ruined by pharmaceutical drugs than all illegal drugs combined. In any event, medical cannabis has not only helped me deal with the pain but the side effects are actually beneficial. I have often struggled with insomnia and depression, which have both seem to get better with my cannabis use. I definitely still have to eat right and exercise. Cannabis is a great addition to my daily life and treatment.

Southfield, MI

I was very grateful to find your clinic and, even though I had to drive an hour to get there, it was definitely worth it. I really appreciate you helping me get my medical records and making sure that I was pre-approved. Going through cancer treatment isn’t easy but the medical marijuana does help with the nausea and appetite. If you can’t eat, you can’t heal or even survive so I’m so thankful I am eating again. I will keep in touch and see you next year for my renewal. Thanks again.

Roseville, MI

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