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I have used marijuana since age 17. I have self-medicated for a number of conditions and after trying many prescription medications, marijuana seems to be the only thing that has worked. Over the years, the types of marijuana I’ve had access to has been sporadic; sometimes what I acquired worked and other times it didn’t do anything except get me high. I was hesitant at first to register with the state because I didn’t know what to expect but I have kids and I didn’t want to go to jail. Since I got my medical marijuana card, I’ve been able to choose medicine by doing research online and finding different types of marijuana with the properties required to treat my conditions. I’m glad that I registered with the Michigan medical marijuana program because I have a consistent source of quality medication that I grow for myself.

James Avery
New Lothrop, MI
Clinic: Flint

My restless leg syndrome is generally something that I can deal with fairly well during the day, but at night it;s a different story. I own my own business and work very long hours, so when I’m active, I don’t notice it as much. My trouble begins when I try to go to sleep. My RLS tends to keep me up at night, and so I can’t get a good night sleep. In my mind, quality sleep is the most important part of being healthy and letting your body repair. Once I started using medical marijuana, not only were my muscle spasms reduced, but also I slept so much better. I have had deep sleep with sleeping pills before, but they usually make me feel really groggy in the morning. I was surprised to wake up early and feel very refreshed. After so many years of inadequate sleep, I’m so thankful to have a better solution.

Restless Leg Syndrome
Auburn Hills, MI
Clinic: Utica

My back pain has been something that I’ve dealt with for many years, but I’ve never had a good handle on it. I have been prescribed many types of muscle relaxers and pain medication, but often the side effects are worse than the pain itself. Addiction also runs in my family, so I am nervous about taking heavy-duty pain medication. I have seen more people’s lives ruined by pharmaceutical drugs than all illegal drugs combined. In any event, medical cannabis has not only helped me deal with the pain but the side effects are actually beneficial. I have often struggled with insomnia and depression, which have both seem to get better with my cannabis use. I definitely still have to eat right and exercise. Cannabis is a great addition to my daily life and treatment.

Southfield, MI
Clinic: Eastpointe

My father’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and I really was not sure what to do, his doctors said that there was nothing more to do except keep him safe and comfortable. I was worried because I am a single mom with two small children, it was getting harder to care for my father while also making sure that my children were safe. Some days dad was calm and present, other days the agitation was so bad I would leave bruised both physically and mentally, concerned about the man that I loved who was unaware of the results of his actions. I saw a documentary about how medical marijuana oil could help reduce agitation and induce periods of calm behavior in people with Alzheimer’s disease. I took my father to the appointment not really sure what to expect, the doctor explained to me that my dad could use indigestible forms of medical marijuana which would stimulate his appetite and potentially both calm his agitation and slow the decline of the disease. Since my dad got a medical marijuana card; his weight has remained constant, he is more comfortable and less aggressive towards me and the home healthcare nurse.

Kristine L.
Saginaw, MI
Clinic: Saginaw

Thank you so much for all your assistance throughout the process. The physician was professional and knowledgeable about cannabis. I was very surprised to learn that there are other ways to use it besides smoking it. I had no idea there were capsules, tinctures, vaporizers and all sorts of other products. I am really looking forward to having a consistent source of CBD to help with my epilepsy.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Clinic: Eastpointe

The thing that most surprised me about medical marijuana was the fact that I didn’t have to smoke it. I am 83 years old and I’ve never smoked anything, when my daughter told me that I should get my medical marijuana card so that I could keep my vision I said absolutely not. We went back and forth for two years, until I was very close to losing sight in both eyes and depressed because of it. In 2014, my daughter visited Colorado on a business trip and while she was there she visited a legal dispensary and learned about the different types of medical marijuana. When she came home she told me that there were simple ways that I could consume marijuana in lozenges and a liquid form called tincture, at this point I decided that I’d give it a try. I got my medical marijuana card and my daughter found a caregiver who provided tincture for me to use daily, it took about a week to figure out the right dose and now almost a full year later I still have my vision and it has helped a number of my other health conditions as well.

Laura Brenfield
Shields, MI
Clinic: Saginaw

I hesitated to apply for my medical marijuana card because I didn’t know where to begin. After searching Google I found GreenWay Michigan and filled out an application not knowing what to expect. Less than 30 minutes later I received a call from a cannabis coach named Ben who explained the process and fees, leaving me a telephone number where I could reach him once I got paid the following week. I called back once I got my check and was able to schedule an appointment for the next evening. Everything happened just like he said it would at the appointment and less than a month later I received my card. I sleep so much better now that I am using medical marijuana before bed, I fall asleep quickly and best of all….stay asleep all night.

Shelby Quinncy
Restless Leg Syndrome
Reese, MI
Clinic: Saginaw

Unless you have had cancer and undergone chemotherapy you really cannot understand what it is like using medical marijuana to relieve nausea during and after chemotherapy. What a lot of people don’t know is that once you stop taking chemo, the worst symptoms come upon you during the weeks that follow as your body recovers and detoxifies. I was able to use Rick Simpson oil, a concentrated form of marijuana you can eat or cook with as an effective medicine which helped me keep an appetite, reduce nausea, sleep, and feel better mentally on some of my hardest days. Fighting cancer is the most testing thing I have ever done, I CANNOT imagine what it would’ve been like without using medical marijuana. Today I am healthy and my cancer is in remission, I would recommend to anyone who is fighting cancer and having a hard time; give this a try.

Lauren Hejifte
Breast Cancer
Frankenmuth, MI
Clinic: Saginaw

I saw a story on the news that medical marijuana could potentially help with inflammation and pain, the problem was I had no idea how to get a card. There was a lot of information online about the Michigan medical marijuana program but no one to explain to me how I could register, I contacted Greenway Michigan and they did an excellent job of explaining the process and introducing me to a doctor.

Jamin Ruding
Bridgeport, MI
Clinic: Saginaw

I honestly feel really stupid for not getting my medical marijuana card sooner. For many years I used illegally and have even gotten in trouble a couple of times. I always thought that getting a medical marijuana card was a ton of work and that I wouldn’t qualify, but I was wrong. Now that I can go to dispensaries and get marijuana whenever I want, life is less stressful. There are certain times with my PTSD that I absolutely need to medicate and now I can do it with ease. Thank God.

Eastpointe, MI
Clinic: Eastpointe

After 35 years of working in a nursing home kitchen on a hard linoleum floor my all of my joints ache and my feet and hands hurt all the time. My daughter suggested I try using medical marijuana, I have used marijuana from time to time over the years with one of my husbands friends, but I never really thought of it as a medicine before. When I went to the office, the doctor told me about marijuana with a greater CBD content which would not get me nearly as “high” as what I had used previously; I was excited about that. I was able to find a caregiver who provides me with CBD marijuana and a topical salve that I apply to my feet and joints which works better than anything else I have ever tried. I would encourage people like me to give this a shot, it really works.

Rose Lynn Forester
Degenerative Joint Disease
Flint, MI
Clinic: Flint

I was tired of using so many opiates, they made me lethargic and unmotivated. I wanted to continue to watch my granddaughter after school as she grew older but my doctor kept increasing the amount of medication which I needed to take daily. I knew I needed something to change so I decided to go ahead and get my medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana has allowed me to reduce my opiate use while managing my pain more effectively. My whole family can tell the difference, I am glad I decided to look into this.

Jeffery Halberston
Degenerative Disc Disease
Mt. Morris, MI
Clinic: Flint

Before I got in the car accident, I never used any sort of pain management medicine. I was proud that I could handle on my own. After the wreck, I got addicted to opiates, I felt like they were making me sick and stealing away my life. The best part about using medical marijuana is that it has allowed me to sleep deeply; before I could hardly get more than two hours of rest at a time and that made me irritable and cranky. Even spending time with my family which was the the center of my life and greatest joy became difficult, I would snap at my daughter or granddaughter and then feel awful about it. This made me want to spend more time alone, which again made me feel even worse. I’m so thankful that my son-in-law convinced me to look into trying medical marijuana, it reduced my withdrawals from the opiates when I quit and allows me manage my pain at a level I can tolerate.

Ross Muncy
Chronic Pain
Flint, MI
Clinic: Flint

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for over 15 years, and it has been quite a long journey. I must say that when my nurse friend recommended I try medical marijuana, I was pretty skeptical. In the past, coworkers and I would joke about people using medical marijuana as just an excuse to get high. It wasn’t until I started doing some actual research that my perception started to change. Even though you know propaganda exists, it’s somewhat alarming to see it still alive and well in today’s age. Luckily, we can still make decisions for ourselves. I’m proud to be from Michigan where we have approved this right and am grateful to benefit from it. Marijuana might not cure your disease, but there is no question in my mind that it can help you overall.

Troy, MI
Clinic: Utica

I got my medical marijuana card in 2013 with another clinic that charged $300 to meet with the doctor. I have self medicated with marijuana for the better part of three decades and really just needed to renew my card. GreenWay Michigans website made it easy to connect to a new doctor, they were able to schedule me an appointment after work in Beecher and I was able to renew my card within a week.

Robert Long
Swartz Creek, MI
Clinic: Flint

I was very grateful to find your clinic and, even though I had to drive an hour to get there, it was definitely worth it. I really appreciate you helping me get my medical records and making sure that I was pre-approved. Going through cancer treatment isn’t easy but the medical marijuana does help with the nausea and appetite. If you can’t eat, you can’t heal or even survive so I’m so thankful I am eating again. I will keep in touch and see you next year for my renewal. Thanks again.

Roseville, MI
Clinic: Eastpointe

Thank you so much for helping me get my medical records and an appointment so quickly. Your staff was extremely helpful, and the process went much more smoothly than I thought it was going to go. Cannabis is the only thing that is helped me live again and enjoy everything life has to offer. To date, no other medication has helped reduce my nausea and vomiting like cannabis has. Thanks again.

Chronic Vomiting
Birmingham, MI
Clinic: Utica

Good looking out on the medical card. I am grateful to use marijuana within the legal confines of the law. It’s amazing how fast the paranoia goes away when you’re using it legally. I would definitely recommend getting a medical card. Peace!

Chronic Back Pain
Utica, MI
Clinic: Utica

Before I got started; I heard from a number of people that getting your medical marijuana card was difficult, that was not the experience that I had! In three short days days I learned what I had to do to qualify, schedule an appointment, met with the doctor, and sent my paperwork off to the state. Less than a month later I’m a card carrying member of the Michigan medical marijuana program.

Kyle F.
Degenerative Disc Disease
Durand, MI
Clinic: Flint

My aunt got her medical marijuana card through GreenWay Michigan and told my wife and I about the experience at dinner the following evening. I applied online around 11 PM that night and received a call before 10 am the next day; in less than 15 minutes I had an appointment scheduled for the following Thursday. It was all just as easy as my aunt said it would be and I now have my card and have started growing my medicine.

Caesar L.
Carpal Tunnel
Buena Vista, MI
Clinic: Saginaw

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